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A virtuoso of colors - Heribert Fischer-Geising

Heribert Fischer-Geising (1896-1984) was a painter and artist, who repeatedly expressed his love for the landscape of eastern Ore Mountains in his numerous works, but also later on to the Black Forest and Tessin. He was particularly fond of Geising and its surroundings. Since his childhood, Heribert Fischer-Geising has felt a deep attachment to this place in the Eastern Ore Mountains. So he settled down in 1919, after returning from the First World War, traumatized and seriously wounded. He then worked as a freelance artist and teacher.

The approximately 50 works on display come from the collection of Museum of Eastern Ore Mountains Schloss Lauenstein and Heribert Fischer-Geising Foundation, which is affiliated to the museum. This permanent exhibition is intended to remind us of the representatives of the New Objectivity, who are still too little noticed today. In addition, the Heribert Fischer-Geising Foundation is keen to make the work of the artist accessible, at least in parts, to the public.

  • Die Schnitter, 19XX (Ausschnitt), OSterzgebirgsmuseum Schloss Lauenstein
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