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George Bähr - Life and work of the famous Lauensteiners

Hardly anybody knows that George Bähr, the famous master builder of the Dresden Frauenkirche, grew up in Lauenstein.

The biography of George Bährs contains many secrets, and we do not know his appearance, because a portrait of the master builder is not handed down. As the son of a carpenter, he was born in Fürstenwalde on March 15, 1666 and grew up in Lauenstein, probably visiting the boys' school here and learning the carpenter's craft. In 1693 Bähr moves to Dresden and works in the capital city as a carpenter. He calls himself an artist and a mechanic, designs organ props as well as palaces and palaces. At the age of 39, the Dresden city fathers appointed Bähr in 1705 as a council chamberlain.

The first construction was the parish church of Loschwitz near Dresden, which was completed in 1708. Numerous churches followed after such as the orphanage church in Dresden, the village church of the Holy Trinity in Schmiedeberg and the church in Beitzsch (Biecz in Poland). As a builder or consultant, George Bähr was involved in the construction and conversion of the churches in Königstein, Kesselsdorf, Hohenstein and Schmannewitz in the following years. According to his specifications, various residential buildings were also being built in Dresden.

Bähr's main activity was the world-famous Womens Church in Dresden. Boldly and masterfully erected in the 18th century - it was destroyed in 1945, rebuilt from 1991 and completed in October 2005.

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