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Circle of friends Castle Lauenstein e. V.

What would be the Eastern Ore Mountan without its volunteers? In Circle Schloss Lauenstein e. V. activists have come together who are actively working for the preservation of the castle, organize events and help in museum work.

The purpose of the association is the promotion of art, culture, education and science. The historical, listed castle complex and the cultural heritage existing in the Museum of Eastern Ore Mountains are to be preserved, nurtured, mediated, multiplied and made accessible to the public.

You want to support our association? Then you are cordially invited, we can always make a good contribution!
Yours, Kay Hardelt
Chairman of the Circle of Friends Castle Lauenstein e. V.

  • Konsolkopf


Circle of friends Schloss Lauenstein e. V.
c/o Chairman Kay Hardelt

Teplitzer Straße 35
Stadtteil Lauenstein
01778 Altenberg


Phone: +49 (0)3-505-429-4644

Fax: +49 (0)3-505-429-4642


Registered in the register of associations at the district court Dresden under the number VR 41159. 

According to exemption decision of the tax office Pirna of 5 December 2018 recognized as a non-profit (tax number: 210/141/08375).


What we were able to establish in this area

  • Restoration of the 400-year-old tower room in the main castle, supported by the East German Savings Bank Foundation and the Ostsächsische Sparkasse Dresden
  • Hunting and falconry festival 2015 supported by numerous sponsors
  • Lauenstein Cultural Days and Children's Cultural Days
  • Lauenstein Castle Festival with a traditional handicrafted items market
  • Support for the Lauenstein Castle Night
  • Inventory of the museum library
  • Purchase of a coffee machine for the museum cafeteria
  • Support for numerous school projects and museum festivals


Ich steh an deiner Krippen hier





Führung durch die Dauerausstellung

We lead you tot he most beautifull rooms oft he castle and visit interesting exhibitions.



The smell of blooming herbs.


Auf die Stunde kommt es an – Streifzug durch die sächsische Postgeschichte

Lady’s maid Johanna takes you on a time journey throughout the history of postal services in Saxony.


Partner und Förderer

Schlösserland Sachsen
Ostsächsischer Sparkasse Dresden
Kulturraum Meißen Sächsische Schweiz Osterzgebirge
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