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Full steam ahead - About the history of the railway of Müglitz valley

The construction of the railway line between Mügeln (now Heidenau) and Geising took just two years. From 1890, steam locomotives steaming along the narrow tracks through the winding valley of Müglitz.

The railway line was then 36.1 km long and had to climb an elevation of 470 m from the start to the end. The first timetable provided for four daily pairs of trains, the journey time on the total route was about 150 minutes.

From 1935 to 1938 the conversion to normal track width made. The section Heidenau-Lauenstein was completely redesigned, on the remaining part to Altenberg only the curve radius was enlarged. Due to the new construction the track length was shorten about three kilometers. Today, the route is an important transport connection for professional commuters, students, tourists and winter sportsmen.

The displays in the exhibition tell the story of the interesting railway line. If the model of the narrow track steam lokomotive (a Saxon VI K) travels over the rails of Geising to Altenberg, not only children's get excited.

  • Bahnhof Lauenstein nach dem Hochwasser 1927
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