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The forest in the eastern Ore Mountains

To better understand the forest culture heritage in our region you only need to visit our permanent exhibiton.

Visitors can learn more of what the forrest what it is today by visiting the rooms of exhibition. They are taken into the once virgin jungle of the eastern Ore Mountains, hear as before in the dense forests of the region the wolves howled and the brown bears muttered. The visitors can also test whether they can correctly recognize the voices of some wild animals.

In addition, you will see how mankind has changed the nature of the eastern Ore Mountains over the centuries. In the Middle Ages people began to clear the forest for the construction of castles and settlements, because Saxony and Bohemia had silver and tin found, therefore the borders had to be secured. This took place between 1200 and 1400. Mining was followed by two further clear cutting trees periods, which endangered the forest in the end. Only in the 18th century did a regulated forestry develop in the Eastern Ore Moutains. Today, sustainable forestry is a key element in securing the main functions of our forest for the future.

  • Wolf, ein Tierpräparat im Museum
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